William P. Clark Ph.D. Scholarship in Space Security

The Prague Security Studies Institute provides a unique opportunity in collaboration with Charles University for a student interested in researching space security and infrastructure.

Hostile Narratine Brief
Since Russia's invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, PSSI in cooperation with IRI's Beacon Project monitored narratives around topics of Ukrainian refugees, sanctions, energy security, and NATO in the CEE media environment and beyond. Together with local experts in Ukraine, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Romania, Czech Republic, Germany, Lithuania and Poland we analyzed over 23 million articles & posts to find actors disseminating content that has the potential to undermine support for Ukraine by exploiting socially contentious issues.
Dzeneta book promotion

On Monday, February 27, 2023 the PSSI Regional Security Program’s Western Balkans team Markéta Slavková, Anja and Tamara Grabovac attended the presentation of a newly issued book titled: "Bosnian Studies: Perspectives from an Emerging Field". The book was edited by Dženeta Karabegović and by Adna Karamehić-Oates.


On Wednesday, March 1, 2023, the PSSI Regional Security Program’s Western Balkans team Markéta Slavková and Tamara Grabovac attended the book presentation of Prof. dr. Boban Batrićević, a prominent Montenegrin historian and an expert on the local political situation, working at the Faculty of Montenegrin Language and Literature in Cetinje. The event was organized by the Association for the citizens of the former Yugoslavia Lastavica and held at the association's gallery café in Prague, Czech Republic.

Oldřich Černý Ph.D. Scholarship in Economic and Financial Statecraft

The Prague Security Studies Institute provides a unique opportunity in collaboration with Charles University for a student interested in researching economic and financial statecraft.


PSSI hledá stážistu pro svůj Security Scholars Program. Stážista by se měl zajímat o výzkum, vzdělávání, bezpečnostní politiku a diplomaci. Měl by být schopen pracovat na částečný úvazek (15 až 20 hodin týdně). Pozice je vykonávána v Praze a je vhodná pro studenty VŠ Bc. programů, Mgr. a Ph.D. programů a mladé profesionály. 

It is with profound sadness that we have learned that Helena Kašperová, a former PSSI Board Member, as well as a valued and dear friend has passed away at the age of 74. She was also a long-time partner of Oldřich Černý, the Institute's esteemed Co-Founder and Executive Director, who passed away in 2012.
PSSI is delighted to announce that its Managing Director, Dr. Jana Robinson, has been invited to be a member of the Task Force for Security, one of the three Task Forces established by International Astronautical Federation President Clay Mowry to support his “sustainability, investment, and security” (SIS) agenda for 2022-2025. The Task Force consists of 6 distinguished space security experts.
green deal january 2023

PSSI monitored the Czech online debate about the European Green Deal, climate change, and energy-related issues from June to December 2022. Besides mapping the general online debate and related disinformation, part of our goal was also to explore how relevant stakeholders engage in strategic communication on the topic and possibly counter any circulating manipulative discourse. The monitoring was part of a larger initiative of the International Republican Institute’s (IRI) Beacon Project, European Green Deal: Mapping perceptions in Central and Eastern Europe, which took place in five EU countries simultaneously.


Prague Security Studies Institute (PSSI) se v rámci projektu „České volby v éře dezinformací: Prezidentské volby 2023“ podíval na veřejnou debatu v online prostoru o prezidentských volbách a kandidátech mezi prvním kolem voleb, které se konalo 13. a 14. ledna, a druhým kolem voleb, které proběhlo 27. a 28. ledna. Zaměřili jsme se konkrétně na to, jak bylo v předvolební kampani a v následné veřejné diskusi v online prostoru využito a manipulováno téma války na Ukrajině.