PSSI Perspective #21

Regional Security Program //Markéta Slavková, Tamara Grabovac, Anja Grabovac/22 Jul 2022

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PSSI Perspectives #21: Dragan Bursać Discusses the Current Security Situation in the Western Balkans. An interview with a renowned Bosnian journalist and professor of philosophy from Banja Luka, who visited Prague this May and shared his views on the latest security issues in the region.

Job Offer

PSSI is looking for a Communications Manager to implement, and further enhance, the Institute’s communications strategy to ensure proper visibility and outreach of PSSI’s programmatic activities.

Bisera Turkovic Prague 2022

Recently, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bisera Turković visited Prague. As part of her visit on June 27, 2022, Ms. Turković also met a delegation of Czech non-governmental experts, including PSSI’s Regional Security Program Project Coordinator Dr. Markéta Slavková. 

CSA 2022

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PSSI Perspective #20

Na mediální scéně střední a východní Evropy působí tzv. „šedá zóna“, která se snaží ovlivnit veřejný názor a předvolební politické kampaně prostřednictvím jednostranné, někdy až extremistické, politické komunikace. Tato komunikace je často jen zdánlivě nezávislá nebo anonymní, ve skutečnosti ale využívá prostředky konspiračních teorií a ignoruje standardy etického žurnalismu.

PSSI Perspective 19

As part of a project on ‘New Propaganda and Disinformation Challenges for Visegrad/EaP states in the Changing Environment’, Prague Security Studies Institute’s (PSSI) researchers monitored Sputnik’s section on ‘Demilitarization and Denazification of Ukraine’. The focus was specifically on articles reporting on the ‘Bucha Massacre’ in order to illustrate how Russian state-owned media report the atrocities committed by the Russian Federation’s army. 

Srecko Latal

Srećko Latal, který spolupracuje s PSSI v rámci programu regionální bezpečnosti pro západní Balkán, poskytl interview pro Seznam Zprávy s názvem „Další válka v Evropě? Nový konflikt nevylučuji, říká válečný novinář“.

Shadow Forces

Regional Security Program //Political Capital Institute, Prague Security Studies Institute/27 May 2022

New Publication: From Anti-Vaccination to Kremlin's Proxy

In Central-Eastern Europe, a so-called “grey zone” has emerged in the media, which tries to influence public opinion and pre-election political campaigns through hyper-partisan and sometimes even extremist – often anonymous or only seemingly “independent” – political communication, utilising conspiracy theories and ignoring the standards of ethical journalism. Our media research in the Czech Republic has, therefore, looked at the Czech political campaign communication between 1 September and 31 October 2021 to map and reveal the Czech “grey zone” media ecosystem, its role in the “dirty campaign,” and the war-related rhetoric later in 2022.

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We’re pleased to announce that Dr. Jana Robinson became a member of the Scientific Board of a new “Ad Astra” journal.