Space Café

PSSI's Managing Director, Dr Jana Robinson, was a guest of the Space Cafe WebTalk. She focused on the economic and financial dimensions of space security.

The Russia-Ukraine War in Social Media

PSSI, in cooperation with Political Capital, researched the prevalence and effects of inauthentic online behavior concerning Russia’s war in Ukraine between 21 February and 31 March.

PSSI Space Security Conference

On June 19—21, 2022, the Prague Security Studies Institute will convene in Prague its 6th PSSI Space Security Conference. This year’s gathering is entitled “The Global Space Competition: Security, Markets and Sanctions.” The central goal of the conference is to illuminate the connectivity among global space commerce, deterrence/security-related considerations, and proper space governance.


The candidate should be well-versed in research, analysis and policy-making in disinformation, information warfare, and strategic communication. He/she should be able to work part-time (up to 20 hr./week) starting late June-beginning of July 2022 for a minimum of six months with the possibility of an extension. The position is located in Prague and is suitable for university students in M.A. and Ph.D. programs.

Space Security Guest Lecture

You can now watch a recording of a space security guest lecture with the director of the Aerospace Security Project at CSIS Todd Harrison!

space cafe

PSSI's Managing Director and space security expert, Dr Jana Robinson, will be featured on the May 3rd episode of the Space Café WebTalk, in conversation with Torsten Kriening. She will be focusing on the the economic and financial dimensions of space security.

The Onset of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine Through the Eyes of ProKremlin Media Coverpage Perspective

The onset of the Russian invasion of Ukraine was widely medialized by both mainstream as well as alternative media channels, including websites spreading disinformation. Following the start of the Russian aggression, many unprecedented steps have been taken to fight the spread of disinformation, which has become a top concern for policy decision-makers as well as the public. Therefore, PSSI has analyzed the onset of the Russian invasion of Ukraine through the eyes of one of the most well-known pro-Kremlin media in the Czech Republic: Sputnik CZ. 

Todd Harrison

Mr. Todd Harrison, Director of Defense Budget Analysis and Director of the Aerospace Security Project at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, will deliver an online guest lecture entitled “Threats to Space Systems and Protection of Space Assets” on April 25, 2022.

Disinformation and Brand Safety

Regional Security Program //Kristína Šefčíková, Alena Zikmundová, Roman Číhalík/31 Mar 2022

Disinformation and Brand Safety: The Approach of the Czech Private Sector

Most private companies are not aware of the role advertising revenue plays in the continuing activity of websites spreading disinformation. Moreover, many brands advertise their products on disinformation sites through programmatic purchases and online auctions without knowing about it or they are not aware that they can influence where their advertising appears in the online space.

Oldřich Černý Ph.D. Scholarship in Economic and Financial Threat Domain

The Prague Security Studies Institute provides a unique opportunity in collaboration with Charles University for a student interested in researching economic and financial threats.