Security Scholars Program

The Robinson-Martin Security Scholars Academy (RMSSA) is PSSI’s core initiative, dating back to the Institute’s inception in early 2002.

Space Security Program

Space infrastructure is essential for the proper functioning of European and U.S. societies, economies, and security architectures.

Economic & Financial Threat Program

In this era of unprecedented global interdependence, international economic and financial (E&F) relations have become an integral part of every nation’s foreign policy.

Regional Security Program

In addition to its core programmes, PSSI aims to identify and analyze relevant foreign policy and security-related issues that will increasingly affect and influence the transatlantic security policy community.


Voices of Central and Eastern Europe_Coverphoto
Although the debate concerning disinformation is quite vibrant in the Czech Republic, there only exists a vague idea concerning what kind of people spread and believe in disinformation.
Study_Visualising influence_Coverphoto
The unique case study offers a comprehensive overview of the Facebook information landscape in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.
War and Peace in Outer Space Coverphoto
PSSI’s Space Security Program Director, Dr. Jana Robinson, contributed with an article to the “War and Peace in Outer Space” publication by Oxford University Press, edited by Cassandra Steer and Matthew Hersch (book available for pre-purchase here).
The German government coalition is conflicted on the question of selecting its supplier of 5G technologies.
PSSI #3 Perspective - The International Investment Bank
The third PSSI Perspective, entitled "The International Investment Bank's Move to Budepast Czechs, other EU Members Funds Russian Trojan Horse Scheme".

Regional Security Program //Jonáš Syrovátka, Šimon Pinkas, Prague Security Studies Institut/2 Oct, 2020

PSSI Perspectives #2 - Infodemic and Disinformation

The second PSSI Perspective, entitled “What Has the Covid-19 Infodemic Told Us About the Czech Disinformation Ecosystem?” describes various modus operandi of websites spreading disinformation in the Czech information space.