Security Scholars Program

PSSI was the first public policy group in the Czech Republic – and one of the first in the region – to launch an intensive educational initiative to train future generations of national security-minded experts in the Czech Republic and the region.

Space Security Program

Space infrastructure is essential for the proper functioning of European and U.S. societies, economies, and security architectures.

Economic & Financial Statecraft Program

In this era of unprecedented global interdependence, international economic and financial (E&F) relations have become an integral part of every nation’s foreign policy.

Regional Security Program

In addition to its core programmes, PSSI aims to identify and analyze relevant foreign policy and security-related issues that will increasingly affect and influence the transatlantic security policy community.
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Advance your career prospects this summer with our prestigious NATO Summer School (in its 19th year), an intensive one-week course that brings together a select group of graduate students and young professionals seeking to deepen their expertise with regard to the current threat environment and available policy options. 

The course consists of fifteen lectures by Czech and foreign security experts, including senior policy practitioners and scholars (both civil and military). Additionally, participants take part in a week-long international crisis simulation based on ongoing or realistic geopolitical circumstances.  

Application Form


Q: What is the NATO Summer School?

A: The NATO Summer School is a prestigious one-week intensive course designed for graduate students and young professionals interested in advancing their understanding of national security, of the threat environment for NATO member states and the policy options available. It features lectures from Czech and foreign security experts and a week-long international crisis simulation.

Project Assistant-3

PSSI is looking for a Project Assistant for its Regional Security Program. The candidate should ideally have knowledge in the disinformation portfolio. Prior experience in research, analysis and policy-making is welcome. He/She should be able to work part-time (up to 20 hr./week) starting in the first half of April 2024 for a minimum of six months with the possibility of an extension and career growth. The position is located in Prague and is suitable for university students in M.A. and Ph.D. programs, or young professionals.


Mark your calendars as we can finally share the dates for NATO Summer School 2024, titled "NATO Under Authoritarian Assault." Join us between July 28 and August 3. More info coming soon! 

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PSSI’s Managing Director, Dr. Jana Robinson, appeared in the Spotlight video-program of the Czech online journal “” to discuss the recent news concerning Russia’s potential development of a nuclear space weapon and the related issues of escalation, deterrence, and crisis management. 
Click below to watch the full video in Czech. 

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Chairman Robinson joined Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business News to discuss PSSI’s groundbreaking report, Funding of the Iran-China Strategic Partnership via the U.S. Capital Markets