Security Scholars Program

PSSI was the first public policy group in the Czech Republic – and one of the first in the region – to launch an intensive educational initiative to train future generations of national security-minded experts in the Czech Republic and the region.

Space Security Program

Space infrastructure is essential for the proper functioning of European and U.S. societies, economies, and security architectures.

Economic & Financial Threat Program

In this era of unprecedented global interdependence, international economic and financial (E&F) relations have become an integral part of every nation’s foreign policy.

Regional Security Program

In addition to its core programmes, PSSI aims to identify and analyze relevant foreign policy and security-related issues that will increasingly affect and influence the transatlantic security policy community.



PSSI has launched the Czech Parliamentary Elections Dashboard. The application was prepared in cooperation with the International Republican Institute’s Beacon Project.

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PSSI’s Managing Director and Space Security Program Director Jana Robinson contributed to the 2021 NATO Joint Air Power Competence Centre (JAPCC) Conference, entitled “Delivering NATO Air & Space Power at the Speed of Relevance” and held on 7-9 Sep, 2021 in Essen, Germany.


The deadline for applications has been extended until September 14!

The Specter of Authoriatarian Regimes is Haunting Europe - Coverpage

PSSI took part in a unique project, Authoritarian Shadows in the European Union, which measured the resilience of the European Parliament against influence-related activities of authoritarian powers. The resulting study presents several surprising findings, considering the vulnerability of the institution against outside influences and the overall attitudes of the MEPs towards issues like influence operations, disinformation, or common foreign policy.


PSSI Vás zve na sledování online streamu diskuze s experty a zástupci politických stran na téma společenské odolnosti vůči vnitřním a vnějším hrozbám v regionech V4, Východního partnerství a západního Balkánu s důrazem na český kontext. Diskuze proběhne 9. září od 13:00.




The Prague Security Studies Institute has published its Annual Report for 2020. In the words of our Co-Founder and Chairman Roger Robinson, "our most prominent accomplishment over the past year has been the successful institutionalization of the use of U.S. capital markets sanctions against Chinese enterprises enabling egregious human rights and national security abuses."