Security Scholars Program

PSSI was the first public policy group in the Czech Republic – and one of the first in the region – to launch an intensive educational initiative to train future generations of national security-minded experts in the Czech Republic and the region.

Space Security Program

Space infrastructure is essential for the proper functioning of European and U.S. societies, economies, and security architectures.

Economic & Financial Statecraft Program

In this era of unprecedented global interdependence, international economic and financial (E&F) relations have become an integral part of every nation’s foreign policy.

Regional Security Program

In addition to its core programmes, PSSI aims to identify and analyze relevant foreign policy and security-related issues that will increasingly affect and influence the transatlantic security policy community.
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IAF Space Security Committee Meeting

PSSI’s Managing Director, Dr. Jana Robinson, introduced key themes and research findings which emerged from PSSI’s 6th Space Security Conference at the International Astronautical Congress’s (IAC) IAF Space Security Committee Meeting in Paris.

Prague Security Studies Institute Vacancy Announcement: Office Manager

Prague Security Studies Institute (PSSI) is looking for an Office Manager to assist the Director of Operations with administrative tasks (including basic financial matters, invoicing, HR task, team and event support). 


PSSI ve polupráci s Containall pořádá 29. srpna debatu na téma: Energetická bezpečnost po Rusko-ukrajinské válce.

European Green Deal

The Prague Security Studies Institute, in cooperation with partners from International Republican Institute’s Beacon Project, is monitoring the public debate about the European Green Deal in the Czech online space. The monitoring covers political messaging about the Green Deal and its penetration of outlets such as news websites and Facebook groups

PSSI Perspective #21

Regional Security Program //Markéta Slavková, Tamara Grabovac, Anja Grabovac/22 Jul 2022

Read our Newest PSSI Perspective!

PSSI Perspectives #21: Dragan Bursać Discusses the Current Security Situation in the Western Balkans. An interview with a renowned Bosnian journalist and professor of philosophy from Banja Luka, who visited Prague this May and shared his views on the latest security issues in the region.

Job Offer

PSSI is looking for a Communications Manager to implement, and further enhance, the Institute’s communications strategy to ensure proper visibility and outreach of PSSI’s programmatic activities.