Report Cover

PSSI's researchers have contributed to the "The Future Of the Western Balkans: Five Scenarios for 2030" report with one of the scenarios.


The Prague Security Studies Institute invites you for a discussion with Roger W. Robinson Jr., PSSI Chairman and Co-Founder, entitled “The Economic and Financial Dimensions of Russia’s War Against Ukraine”. He will review economic and financial sanctions against Russia implemented to date, as well as those that could be brought to bear in the immediate period ahead.


The Prague Security Studies Institute is concerned that the first tranche of allied sanctions against the Kremlin for its second military invasion of Ukraine were anemic and nowhere near up to the task of deterring expanded Russian aggression. 

Green Deal Study Coverpage

Zelená dohoda pro Evropu se stává významným tématem na české dezinformační scéně jako jedna z linií kritiky Evropské unie. Výzkumníci PSSI monitorovali weby známé šířením dezinformací a způsob, jakým přistupovaly k tématu Zelené dohody a klimatické změny před českými parlamentními volbami 2021 a jaké změny nastaly v jejich přístupu po volbách.

IIB Video

With Russia’s second invasion of Ukrainian territory, there is no justification for continued Czech membership in the Soviet-era relict, the International Investment Bank (IIB). 

PSSI Roundtable

Prague Security Studies Institute would like to invite you to a public panel discussion concerning space partnership dynamic in the Indo-Pacific region which will take place on March 2, 18:00 CET at Gallery Café Louvre and online. 

Perspective #17

PSSI Perspective #17 discusses the lack of active allied planning for capital markets sanctions against Russia's most prominent publicly traded companies in allied markets.

20thTTA Winner Rosette

In a ceremony held in London on February 8, the Prague Security Studies Institute was announced the winner of the Economics and Financial Affairs Award at the prestigious 20th Annual Think Tank Awards organized by the Prospect Magazine.

Dezinformační debata

Prague Security Studies Institute a Zastoupení Evropské komise v ČR Vás srdečně zvou na debatu s názvem „Zelená dohoda pro Evropu na české dezinformační scéně: současná situace a doporučení pro budoucnost“, která se koná ve čtvrtek 24. února 2022 od 14:30 do 16:00 v prostorách Evropského domu.

Zack Kramer

It is with a heavy heart that we must announce the tragic, and totally unexpected, passing away of our highly valued colleague and dear friend, Zack Kramer, approximately a week ago. Zack was known for his indefatigable spirit, kindness, positive energy, can-do attitude and dedication to our common public policy goals and the cause of freedom. He was a warm and wonderful co-worker and human being who will be terribly missed by all of us.