Strategic communication in Czech Republic and Poland..

In a world characterised by the decline of traditional media and the expansion of social networks, strategic communication is an invaluable tool for building trust between citizens and state institutions. 

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On December 19, 2019, PSSI released the Summary Report from PSSI’s Fifth Space Security Conference that was convened in Prague on June 9-11, 2019, in partnership with Japan’s Cabinet Satellite Intelligence Center (CSICE), the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Secure World Foundation (SWF). 


The Prague Security Studies Institute was happy to celebrate the Cybersecurity Awareness Month with PSSI's Cyber Security Academy, organized in cooperation with the National Cyber and Information Security Agency.


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Are you interested in international and domestic security affairs? Would you like to become a well-equipped professional capable of understanding the complex national security problems and foreign policy issues of the 21st century? Apply now to the Robinson-Martin Security Scholars Academy (RMSSA) 2019/2020.

PSSI’s Space Security Program Director, Dr. Jana Robinson, announced the release of the Executive Summary of PSSI’s Report entitled "State Actor Strategies in Attracting Space Sector Partnerships: Chinese and Russian Economic and Financial (E&F) Footprints." 

On June 9—11, 2019, in Prague, the Prague Security Studies Institute (PSSI) convened the fifth event in its Space Security Conference series entitled “Evolution of the Counterspace Threat and Strengthening of International Space Partnerships”. 

The Prague Security Studies Institute has published its Annual Report for 2020. In the words of our Co-Founder and Chairman Roger Robinson, "our most prominent accomplishment over the past year has been the successful institutionalization of the use of U.S. capital markets sanctions against Chinese enterprises enabling egregious human rights and national security abuses."