PSSI Chairman Roger W. Robinson Jr. Appears on Fox Business


6 Feb 2024/PSSI

Chairman Robinson joined Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business News to discuss PSSI’s groundbreaking report, Funding of the Iran-China Strategic Partnership via the U.S. Capital Markets

The interview details the movement of Western funding to the Iranian regime through Chinese companies, which have helped keep Iran and its regional proxies “a going concern.” Chairman Robinson describes Iran becoming a “subsidiary of China,” with huge implications for American investors holding a stake in those Chinese companies which do business in Iran – none of which are subject to the type of material risk disclosures or governmental oversight which regulates U.S.-based companies. China, as Chairman Robinson points out, “walks away with impunity” and faces no consequences for its vast financial support to Iran.

The interview can be found online here, and the associated report, here.