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Past Events

PSSI Space Security Conference

On June 19—21, 2022, the Prague Security Studies Institute convened in Prague its 6th PSSI Space Security Conference. This year’s gathering was entitled “The Global Space Competition: Security, Markets and Sanctions.” The central goal of the conference was to illuminate the connectivity among global space commerce, deterrence/security-related considerations, and proper space governance.

Todd Harrison

Mr. Todd Harrison, Director of Defense Budget Analysis and Director of the Aerospace Security Project at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, delivered an online guest lecture entitled “Threats to Space Systems and Protection of Space Assets” on April 25, 2022.

Balkans event

PSSI organized a debate about the Czech EU Presidency, its goals and its approach towards the Western Balkans in light of the recent events in Ukraine.


The Prague Security Studies Institute organized a discussion with Roger W. Robinson Jr., PSSI Chairman and Co-Founder, entitled “The Economic and Financial Dimensions of Russia’s War Against Ukraine”. He reviewed economic and financial sanctions against Russia implemented to date, as well as those that could be brought to bear in the immediate period ahead.


Prague Security Studies Institute organized a public panel discussion concerning space partnership dynamic in the Indo-Pacific region and challenges for Europe stemming from economic & financial statecraft of Russia and China in the region (often involving lop-sided, non-market contractual and financing terms, disadvantaging the recipient country). It discussed where is Europe’s competitive advantage and offer some recommendations concerning how Europe and its regional partners (notably India, Japan and the U.S.) might collaborate more effectively among themselves to build a transparent and sustainable regional and global space economy.