PSSI Alumni Brief - China's Navy: A Serious Threat to U.S. Naval Superiority?


14 Jul 2021/Adéla Habartová, Michaela Habartová

PSSI has published another policy paper from the series of Alumni Briefs composed of policy analyses/commentaries on current security issues by the alumni of PSSI´s Robinson-Martin Security Scholars Academy, Cyber Security Academy, NATO Summer School, our former interns, and colleagues. The goal of these Briefs is to inform and enrich public policy debate and official deliberations on breaking national security issues. 

The second brief, titled “China’s Navy: A Serious Threat to U.S. Naval Superiority?” was composed by Adéla Habartová and Michaela Habartová as a final assignment of this year's  Robinson-Martin Security Scholars Academy.

Adéla Habartová earned her bachelor’s degree in International Relations and European Studies from Metropolitan University Prague and graduated with a master's in Asian Studies and International Relations. In the course of her studies, she spent time at Sookmyung Women’s University in South Korea, where she focused on international relations in Asia and the security and economic development of the Korean Peninsula. She is currently working on a new Czech platform called Zrcadlo Asie, a project that aims to present a regular analytical overview of developments on the Asian continent.

Michaela Habartová is pursuing a Master's degree in Security Studies at Charles University, having previously completed her studies in Geography at the University of St Andrews. She spent her study abroad at the National University of Singapore, where she developed an interest in East and South-East Asian security. She is currently interning in the global security team at McKinsey & Company, aiding with security risk analysis and mitigation.

PSSI Alumni Briefs are designed for the general public, including journalists, policy-makers, members of Parliament, and fellow think tanks. The opinions expressed therein are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or views of the Prague Security Studies Institute. The briefs should be written in English and should be about eight standard pages long. If you are a PSSI alumnus interested in publishing a brief, send us a half-page long draft about the topic you want to cover to sikoraiova[at] The draft will then be evaluated by the PSSI management. 

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