PSSI’s Space Security Program Director Jana Robinson Took Part in a Panel Discussing the European Space Programme


13 Jul 2021/PSSI

In 2021, the EU launched the European Union Agency for the Space Programme in line with the start of its new seven-year space program and recently approved €14.8 billion budget. This development follows the establishment of the new Directorate-General for Defense Industry and Space (DG DEFIS). These developments reflect the growing importance of space in our everyday lives, the functioning of modern societies, and defense and security. 

Dr. Jana Robinson joined the Urban Talk held during the Prague European Summit to discuss both current plans and ambitions of the EU in space, but also its long-term vision. Her fellow speakers included IIR Research Fellow Petr Boháček, Bohumil Doboš from Charles University’s Institute of Political Studies, Market Development Officer at the EU Agency for the Space Programme Daniel Lopour, Research Fellow at the European Space Policy Institute Tomáš Hrozenský, and Head of Space Technologies and Applications Unit at the Ministry of Transport Ondřej Šváb.