Book presentation: "Bosnian Studies: Perspectives from an Emerging Field"


8 Mar 2023/PSSI

On Monday, February 27, 2023 the PSSI Regional Security Program’s Western Balkans team Markéta Slavková, Anja and Tamara Grabovac attended the presentation of a newly issued book titled: "Bosnian Studies: Perspectives from an Emerging Field". The book was edited by Dženeta Karabegović and by Adna Karamehić-Oates.

The book presentation and discussion with two of the authors Prof. Dženeta Karabegović (University of Salzburg) and Prof. Mišo Kapetanović (Austrian Academy of Science) was held in Prague and organized by the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina along with the EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy. The event was attended by Czech professors, officials, and several ambassadors whose field of interest is Western Balkan and Bosnia and Herzegovina in particular. 

About the book (by Adna Karamehić-Oates):

"This volume seeks to illuminate how Bosnian migrant and diaspora scholars are contributing to the development of Bosnian Studies. The authors included in this volume are either writing from their (new) home bases in Australia, Austria, Canada, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States, among others, or they have returned to Bosnia after a period of migration. Their chapters have distinct entry points of inquiry, demonstrating how scholars have integrated Bosnia as a theme across the range of disciplines in which they are situated. The selections included in the volume range from literary analysis to personal memoirs of the conflict, from studies of heritage and identity to political science analysis of diaspora voting, to genocide studies and questions of (or lack of) ethics in the growing field of Bosnian Studies." (Karabegović and Karamehić-Oates, 2022: 8-9)