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Dezinformace o válce na Ukrajině a strategická komunikace_585x516px

Válka na Ukrajině od února tohoto roku zásadně formuje veřejný společenský diskurz i politickou debatu v naší zemi. Dezinformační média se snaží podávat falešný obrázek dění na frontě, podrývat ochotu přijímat ukrajinské uprchlíky, narušovat politickou vůli k dodávkám zbraní a další pomoci Ukrajině a vyvolávat paniku z možné eskalace konfliktu, včetně jaderné eskalace.

What you need to know about China-in-Europe -- economic ties, covert activities, technology transfer, and more

Ms. Didi Kirsten Tatlow, Senior Reporter for International Affairs at Newsweek, will deliver an online guest lecture entitled “What you need to know about China-in-Europe -- economic ties, covert activities, technology transfer, and more” on November 30, 2022.

Past Events

Kenneth Hodgkins

On Nov 30, 2020, PSSI will hold its next Space Security Guest Lecture, this time with Mr. Ken Hodgkins, former Director at the Department of State's Office for Space and Advanced Technology and US lead negotiator in the UN on several foundational international space guidelines. Given his four decades-long experience with bilateral and international discussions and negotiations on transparency, resiliency, and responsible use of outer space, he will provide a unique perspective on how a coalition of like-minded responsible space actors could be a positive force in the establishment of sustainable space governance framework.

Deziformační debata 02

On November 25th, 2020, PSSI organized an online debate focused on the epidemic of disinformation following the coronavirus pandemic – the so-called infodemics. The participants, Michaela Ďurková (One World at School), Jaroslav Valůch (TOL) and Jonáš Syrovátka (PSSI), together with their host, Vojtěch Boháč (Voxpot) discussed which disinformation spread prominently during the pandemics and what effect they had on Czech society.

Deziformační debata 03

PSSI held a debate on the topic of consumers of disinformation on  October 14th,  2020. Its participants, Nikola Hořejš (STEM) and Jonáš Syrovátka (PSSI), debated characteristics and motivations of people consuming, believing in and spreading disinformation. The debate was a follow-up on the research paper “Voices of Central and Eastern Europe: Perceptions of democracy & governance in 10 EU countries”, published by Globsec, to which PSSI contributed. The debate was hosted by Vojtěch Boháč (Voxpot).


The Third PSSI Cyber ​​Security Academy (CSA) is a one-week course from one of the leading think tanks in Central and Eastern Europe on national, regional and transatlantic security issues. It consists of 15 lectures, workshops and practical training, and is designed for a group of 20-30 university students and young professionals.

John Stopher

Dr. John Stopher, a Senior Fellow supporting PSSI’s Space Security Program, previously serving as the Principal Assistant to the Secretary of the Air Force for Space, delivered a guest lecture entitled “The United States Space Force” for students attending “Space Security in the 21st Century” course, part of PSSI/Charles University’s Master’s Degree Program in International Security Studies and the interested public.