Upcoming Events


The Prague Security Studies Institute (PSSI) plans to hold its 7th Prague Space Security Conference since the inception of its Space Security Program in 2010. Entitled “Forging Strategic Partnerships in the Global Space Race”, it will be held on 16-18 June 2024, in Prague, Czech Republic.

Past Events


The Prague Security Studies Institute, together with Charles University, the US Embassy in Prague, and the American Center, organized a public panel discussion concerning the private sector's role in the new global space race. How should the cooperation between the public and private sectors be organized, and what regulations and support schemes are needed for a functioning relationship between them? These and other questions were discussed.


PSSI ve polupráci s Containall pořádá debatu na téma: Energetická bezpečnost po Rusko-ukrajinské válce.

PSSI Space Security Conference

On June 19—21, 2022, the Prague Security Studies Institute convened in Prague its 6th PSSI Space Security Conference. This year’s gathering was entitled “The Global Space Competition: Security, Markets and Sanctions.” The central goal of the conference was to illuminate the connectivity among global space commerce, deterrence/security-related considerations, and proper space governance.

Todd Harrison

Mr. Todd Harrison, Director of Defense Budget Analysis and Director of the Aerospace Security Project at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, delivered an online guest lecture entitled “Threats to Space Systems and Protection of Space Assets” on April 25, 2022.

Balkans event

PSSI organized a debate about the Czech EU Presidency, its goals and its approach towards the Western Balkans in light of the recent events in Ukraine.