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Prague Security Studies Institute would like to invite you to a roundtable discussion organized in collaboration with MP-IDSA, and with the support of the Czech Ministry of Defence and the Indian Embassy in the Czech Republic. The main issues discussed will include: What are the implications of changing dynamics of major power rivalry for India and European countries? Can new emerging partnerships between the EU and India secure a peaceful Indo-Pacific despite the rise of Chinese ambitions in the region?

Dr. Xavier Pasco

Dr. Pasco, Director of the Foundation for Strategic Research, will deliver an online guest lecture on December 13, 2021. The lecturer will provide a perspective on the "European strategic culture", with a view on its foundations as well as its limitations and dilemmas, in the context of space.

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V dnešním globalizovaném světě k sobě mají světové mocnosti blíže než kdy dřív, a to především díky ekonomickým, kulturním a politickým vazbám. Toto propojení však může být lehce zneužito k prosazování vlastního vlivu uvnitř cizích států, o čemž se Evropská unie v posledních letech přesvědčila, protože se stala cílem vlivových operací autoritářské Číny a Ruska. Jakým způsobem tyto mocnosti svůj vliv v EU prosazují a do jaké míry mohou ovlivnit jednu z jejích nejdůležitějších institucí, Evropský Parlament? 

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Open RAN has received significant attention as a possible option for future 5G networks, but the solution raises as many questions as it answers. These include questions associated with the security implications of having Chinese state-owned and other enterprises involved as vendors and architects of the underlying technology as well as broader concerns associated with the way these solutions have been developed. This roundtable assessed these security implications and the options facing policymakers.


Given the Biden administration’s expansion of capital market sanctions on June 3, to include investment bans on 59 Chinese enterprises, it is now time to decide where Europe will stand on leveraging the CCP's access to European exchanges to deter or penalize corporate human rights and national security abusers. Europe has yet to come to terms with officially -sanctioned and other Chinese corporate "bad actors" in its respective capital markets, but this will need  to change as the facts emerge publicly. 


V pátek, 21. května 2021, Prague Security Studies Institute (PSSI) pořádal veřejnou online debatu na téma “Důsledky Vrbětic - jak reagovat na stupňování hybridního působení”. Záznam debaty je k dispozici online.

Ajey Lele Photo

Dr. Ajey Lele, a Senior Fellow at the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses (IDSA) in New Delhi, delivered a guest lecture entitled “India's Perspective on Space Security” for students attending “Space Security in the 21st Century” course, part of PSSI/Charles University’s Master’s Degree Program in International Security Studies and the interested public.