The Russia-Ukraine War in Social Media

PSSI, in cooperation with Political Capital, researched the prevalence and effects of inauthentic online behavior concerning Russia’s war in Ukraine between 21 February and 31 March.

The Onset of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine Through the Eyes of ProKremlin Media Coverpage Perspective

The onset of the Russian invasion of Ukraine was widely medialized by both mainstream as well as alternative media channels, including websites spreading disinformation. Following the start of the Russian aggression, many unprecedented steps have been taken to fight the spread of disinformation, which has become a top concern for policy decision-makers as well as the public. Therefore, PSSI has analyzed the onset of the Russian invasion of Ukraine through the eyes of one of the most well-known pro-Kremlin media in the Czech Republic: Sputnik CZ. 

Desinformation and Brand Safety Coverpage

Regional Security Program // Kristína Šefčíková, Alena Zikmundová, Roman Číhalík / 31 Mar 2022

Disinformation and Brand Safety: The Approach of the Czech Private Sector

Most private companies are not aware of the role advertising revenue plays in the continuing activity of websites spreading disinformation. Moreover, many brands advertise their products on disinformation sites through programmatic purchases and online auctions without knowing about it or they are not aware that they can influence where their advertising appears in the online space.

IIB Summary Report

This analysis of the IIB’s economic and political activity in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, and Hungary revealed some of the Kremlin’s top priorities for the bank aimed at projecting power from within the EU to the Balkans, the Eurasian Economic Union and the global stage.

Green Deal Study Coverpage

Zelená dohoda pro Evropu se stává významným tématem na české dezinformační scéně jako jedna z linií kritiky Evropské unie. Výzkumníci PSSI monitorovali weby známé šířením dezinformací a způsob, jakým přistupovaly k tématu Zelené dohody a klimatické změny před českými parlamentními volbami 2021 a jaké změny nastaly v jejich přístupu po volbách.

PSSI Perspective 17

PSSI Perspective #17 discusses the lack of active allied planning for capital markets sanctions against Russia's most prominent publicly traded companies in allied markets.

The New Czech Government in Pro-Kremlin Media A Case Study of Sputnik CZ

Researchers from Prague Security Studies Institute (PSSI) monitored the website Sputnik CZ in the period from October to December 2021 to map how it reflected the formation of the new Czech government.

Strategic Competetion for International Space Partnerships and Key Principles for a Sustainable Global Space Economy COVERPAGE

Space Security Program // Dr. Jana Robinson, Patrik Martínek, Jakub Pražák and Kristína Sikoraiová / 28 Jan 2022

Strategic Competition for International Space Partnerships and Key Principles for a Sustainable Global Space Economy

PSSI’s report on how the space domain, a major component of national political, economic, and military power, has now taken center stage in the competition among the major space powers and aspirant nations.

Pandora Papers Perspective

Kauza Pandora Papers, týkající se i nyní již bývalého českého premiéra Andreje Babiše, rozvířila v říjnu 2021 český informační prostor, zatímco se země připravovala na parlamentní volby. 

IIB Report

There are multiple security concerns surrounding the Russian-led International Investment Bank, IIB. These include a lack of transparency and accountability, suspected ties to Russian intelligence and fiduciary malfeasance. This investigative report looks at the investments that have been made by the Bank within the Czech Republic and challenges those claims made by the Bank that it has positively advanced the Czech industry. In offering a history of the Bank's activity in the Czech Republic, it is worth noting that it is marked by a pattern of corruption and mismanagement.