Assessment of Strategic Communication Structures and Capabilities in the Czech Republic

Natália Tkáčová, Kristína Šefčíková / 8 Dec 2023

The primary goals of strategic communication comprise from both an informative role for domestic and international audiences regarding the nation’s values, identity, capabilities, and actions, as well as a strategic security aspect to monitor, analyze, and respond to international political developments to enhance the nation’s position and avert potentially destabilizing actions from adversaries.

Despite the presence of the concept of strategic communication in Czech strategic documents since 2016, the COVID-19 pandemic revealed the state’s inability to effectively, uniformly and strategically communicate with the public in crisis situations. The practical implementation became more conspicuous after significant events such as the war in Ukraine or the energy crisis. These occurrences shed light on the shortcomings in the government’s communication coordination during crises, highlighting the need for a more cohesive strategy.

The present report aims to delve deeper into the landscape of strategic communication in the Czech Republic. After laying out its legal and institutional framework and main actors involved in its development it seeks to assess the particular Czech challenges and opportunities for developing an efficient strategic communication system. Ultimately, the report aims to contribute to the ongoing discourse on improving strategic communication within the country with recommendations for its optimization and alignment with national interests and goals.