William P. Clark Ph.D. Scholarship in Space Security

In 9 June 2019, the Prague Security Studies Institute unveiled a new four-year Ph.D. scholarship in the field of Space Security that is awarded by PSSI. The Ph.D. scholarship is named after the Honorable William P. Clark, National Security Advisor to President Ronald Reagan, who instituted the Strategic Defense Initiative on the President’s behalf.

You can watch the unveiling ceremonial below

Space infrastructure is essential for the proper functioning of European and U.S. societies, economies, and security architectures. Should access to, and use of, space be compromised, particularly by delibarate actions of other actors, the damage could be detrimental to our day-to-day lives. Accordingly, it is the objective of PSSI to assist Charles University in building a cadre of professional space security analysts and policy-makers equipped to understand and counter this often subtle and sophisticated form of soft power projection by actual and prospective adversaries.