PSSI Proudly Announces Its First Doctoral Graduate of the William P. Clark Scholarship in Space Security


30 Sep 2023/PSSI

The Prague Security Studies Institute is pleased to announce its first graduate of the William P. Clark Ph.D. Scholarship in Space Security. Jakub Pražák, a dedicated research fellow and a former member of the PSSI Space Security Team, has successfully completed his extensive four-year Ph.D. program at Charles University.

"William P. Clark's scholarship allowed me to expand my knowledge beyond the academic curriculum and collaborate with many wonderful people on essential projects that deepened my professional abilities and expertise," said Jakub Pražák about the scholarship.

The Ph.D. scholarship was established in 2019 and is named after William P. Clark, former National Security Advisor to President Ronald Reagan, who was instrumental in launching the Strategic Defense Initiative on the President’s behalf.