Cyber Security Academy

The demand for graduates and young professionals with a background in cyber security in the public and private sector is steadily growing. In order to meet this demand, the Prague Security Studies Institute (PSSI), which has been involved in the development of security-oriented education in the Czech Republic and neighboring countries since 2002, launched the Cyber Security Academy (CSA) in 2018. PSSI’s Academy focuses on the policy angle of cyber security, which makes it a unique educational course not only in the region but also in all of Europe.

This week-long intensive course developed in cooperation with the Czech National Cyber and Information Security Agency (NCISA), is designed for a group of twenty-five graduate students and professionals (state officials and private sector representatives) from the Czech Republic and NATO/EU countries. It concentrates on the most relevant/cutting-edge technical, legal, and institutional aspects of cyber security.

The core of the course revolves around the crucial interplay of the public sector, private sector and academia, each of which has a specific approach to cyber security. Only a cooperation of these three spheres can help us to educate future experts in this domain and defend ourselves from current and following cyber threats. We invite experts from the Czech Republic as well as abroad with diverse backgrounds in order to demonstrate the cyber security complexity and  importance.



Speakers at the 2023 Cyber Security Academy
Veronika Kolek Netolická, NÚKIB
Tereza Toufarová, Velitelství kybernetických sil a informačních operací
Jakub Fučík, Velitelství kybernetických sil a informačních operací
Petr Vosála, ČSOB
Martin Leskovjan, Binary Confidence
Jana Marešová 
Richard Kadlčák, Ministerstvo zahraničních věcí ČR 
Monika Kutějová 
Michal Thim, Ericsson
Milan Zrcek, ČSOB
Jindřich Karásek, Trend Micro 
David Pikálek, KPMG
Andrew Dwyer, Royal Holloway, University of London 
Alexi Drew, International Committee of the Red Cross 
Irena Adler Pavelková, NÚKIB
Daniel Bagge, Strider Technologies 
Tauno Tamm & Markus Münzer, RiskSight


To see the program of CSA 2023 click here.

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The partners of this year’s Cyber Security Academy were the U.S. Embassy in Prague, the British Embassy PragueKPMG, RiskSight and ČSOB.





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