PSSI Proposed Responses to Russian Invasion of Ukraine


24 Feb 2022/PSSI

The Prague Security Studies Institute is concerned that the first tranche of allied sanctions against the Kremlin for its second military invasion of Ukraine were anemic and nowhere near up to the task of deterring expanded Russian aggression. 

PSSI calls on the Czech government to immediately renounce and terminate its membership in the Russian-controlled International Investment Bank. Continued Czech membership would be a stain on the country and futher embolden Moscow to believe it can continue to enjoy "business as usual".

To learn more about this issue and why the Czech Republic needs to terminate its membership, please review investigative report or watch a short video summarizing the most important arguments.

PSSI has long advocated the use of capital market sanctions against Russia, as the allies must rely on non-military deterrence efforts and penalties. The expulsion of eight already sanctioned Russian companies from the US and allied capital markets would represent a highly effective policy tool which could well give the Kremlin pause. Our latest PSSI Perspective names the sanctioned Russian companies that warrant a full and immediate allied investment ban.