The Impact of the International Investment Bank in the Czech Republic

Zack Kramer, Zuzana Krulichová, Simone Neads / 21 Jan 2022

There are multiple security concerns surrounding the Russian-led International Investment Bank, IIB. These include a lack of transparency and accountability, suspected ties to Russian intelligence and fiduciary malfeasance. This investigative report looks at the investments that have been made by the Bank within the Czech Republic and challenges those claims made by the Bank that it has positively advanced the Czech industry. In offering a history of the Bank's activity in the Czech Republic, it is worth noting that it is marked by a pattern of corruption and mismanagement. 

PSSI also investigated the Czech government's relations with the Bank and those officials seemingly intent on resisting the country's departure from IIB membership. Given the current Russian military stand-off on the Ukrainian border and the imminent threat of a second military incursion, however, the Institute recommends that a prompt and full withdrawal of Czech IIB membership be a prominent feature of the Czech government's policy response.

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