Open Source Intelligence and Terrorism

Adéla Klečková / 19 Mar 2021

PSSI is launching a series of Alumni Briefs, composed of policy analyses/commentaries on current security issues prepared by the alumni of PSSI´s Robinson-Martin Security Scholars Academy, Cyber Security Academy, NATO Summer School, our former interns and colleagues. The goal of these Briefs is to inform and enrich public policy debate and official deliberations on these breaking issues. 

The first brief titled “OSINT and Terrorism”  was composed by Adéla Klečková who focuses on hybrid warfare and resilience building of national states. Currently, she is researching new forms of civic activism in the virtual space as a non-resident fellow of the German Marshall Fund and pursuing her MA degree at the War Studies Department at the King’s College London. She works as the Critical Thinking Program Director at the “Together for Czechia” think tank based in Prague. She was listed among the 35 under 35 young in Global Techno Politics by the Barcelona Center for International Affairs. 

PSSI Alumni Briefs are designed for the general public, including journalists, policy-makers, members of Parliament and fellow think tanks. The opinions expressed therein are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or views of the Prague Security Studies Institute. The language in which the briefs should be written is English and the length of the brief is eight standard pages. If you are a PSSI alumnus interested in publishing a brief, send us a half-page long draft about the topic you want to cover to sikoraiova[at] The draft will be evaluated by the PSSI management.