PSSI Perspectives #7 - Challenges to Strategic Decision-making in Cyber Security

Lauri Almann, Kari-Pekka Rannikko, and Lucie Kadlecová, CybExer Technologies / 22 Dec 2020

The seventh edition of the PSSI Perspectives brings cyber security into focus. Moreover, it is written by our partners from a leading Estonian cyber security company Cybexer Technologies who delivered a table-top exercise that concluded this intensive week-long educational course. This PSSI Perspective takes a look at four challenges that decision makers face during every major cyber security crisis.

Cyber security has become a buzzword in recent years and it is obvious why – we use computers, mobile phones and other devices that can be connected to the Internet every day and it is hard to imagine our private as well as working life without them. But all of those tools can be used against us and cause unforeseen damages. Our partners from Cybexer Technologies elaborated on challenges that are present in every major cyber security incident such as unpredictability of a situation, determining what we are actually facing and whether all decision makers involved have the same understanding of the situation. 

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