Europes's Preparedness to Respond to Space Hybrid Operations

Jana Robinson Ph.D, Martina Šmuclerová Ph.D, Lapo D. Innocenti, Lisa Perrichon, Jakub Pražák / 30 Jul 2018

On July 30, 2018, PSSI released its latest space security report, entitled “Europe’s Preparedness to Respond to Space Hybrid Operations”. 

The Report, and an associated Fact Sheet, focuses on the “grey zone” spectrum of counterspace actions/activities. These operations pose a major threat as they are designed to probe gaps in targeted countries’ preparedness, readiness, level of allied coordination and response options. They can also serve to fine-tune an adversary’s strategy to create asymmetric effects without paying a significant price. The Report also offers recommendations on how to strengthen pre-crisis planning related to this family of issue.