GLOBSEC Trends 2023

GLOBSEC Trends provides results from extensive polling across Central and Eastern Europe. The purpose of the polling is to delve into the collective societal attitudes and perspectives on a wide range of topics, mainly of geopolitical nature, including the European Union and NATO, as well as the ongoing war in Ukraine.
GLOBSEC Trends 2023 shines a light on the frustrations and uncertainties that lie hidden underneath the surface that can be further exploited by (pro-)Kremlin and anti-Western propaganda, facilitated by populists throughout the CEE region. You can find the regional report here.
The Prague Security Studies Institute took part in GLOBSEC Trends 2023 to delve into the results from the Czech Republic which turns out to be one of the most pro-democratic, pro-Western countries in the region. PSSI's researchers explored what is behind the Czech Republic's resilience.