Fifteen Years of Czech Presence in Civilian Missions

In June 2017 the Prague Security Studies Institute joined forces with the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs to celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of the first involvement of the Czech Republic in civilian missions of the EU and OSCE. The aim of the project was to provide an overview of Czech involvement in these missions over the past fifteen years, to broaden the general knowledge about their positive impact and to attract new potential experts as well as to enhance their preparedness to successfully participate in selection processes for EU and OSCE missions.

The main event of this project was a one-day conference that was held at the MFA on June 19, 2017. The initiative stems from the MFA’s readiness to assure a higher involvement of the Czech Republic in tackling crisis situations in Europe’s both close and distant neighbourhoods. In this cooperation, PSSI built on its multi-year experience with training Czech civilian experts within its Interagency Civilian-Military Training program.