M.A. Course: E&F Warfare Course for Charles University MA Students

In 2015, PSSI forged an agreement with Charles University to sponsor an MA course in E&F Warfare, under the auspices of the University’s Master’s Degree Program in International Security Studies (MISS). The course is designed to introduce students to the economic foundations of na- tional power, the various modalities or strategies to exercise this power to achieve its goals in the international arena, as well as associated vulnerabilities.

The course illuminates the interdependencies of today’s globalized economy and the kinds of abuses by malevolent state actors that can take place within the legitimate international trading and financial systems to advance agendas inconsistent with democratic principles and values during both war and peacetime (e.g. nation-capturing, economic dislocation, extortion, etc.). It also provides historical context and the ways in which economic warfare as a policy tool has evolved over time.

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