PSSI Alumni Network

PSSI’s Alumni Program is designed to connect, acknowledge, and benefit the growing PSSI “extended family”. Since the Institute’s inception in early 2002, PSSI has over 750 alumni from its various educational initiatives. We at PSSI believe that our alumni are important in supporting our principal mission and building new generations of informed and security-minded policy practitioners and experts in the Czech Republic and abroad. 

After successful completion of the work program of one or more of our main educational initiatives, the students are invited to become a part of our Alumni Community. The idea is to connect hundreds of alumni from the past who hold posts in various non-profit, governmental and academic institutions and mutually advance their careers. They are invited to attend our conferences, round tables and other events that PSSI organizes to meet like-minded individuals and experts. We invite you to become the Institute‘s "extended family“. 

Are you our alumnus and have not yet joined our PSSI Alumni Program? Contact us at