PSSI Chairman Roger W. Robinson Jr. Recognized for Outstanding Contribution to Tech Diplomacy


12 Dec 2023/PSSI

Chairman and Co-Founder of the Prague Security Studies Institute (PSSI), Roger W. Robinson Jr., was recently honored by the Krach Institute for Tech Diplomacy at Purdue for his remarkable efforts in safeguarding freedom through trusted technology. The prestigious Tech Freedom Award, presented annually to individuals embodying trust principles and democratic values, acknowledged Mr. Robinson's significant contributions to countering techno-authoritarian threats.

Mr. Robinson was awarded for his work in seeking to prevent the funding by American institutional and individual investors of Chinese technology and other companies tied to the Chinese military and human rights abusers. 

“I was privileged to serve as the NSC architect of the economic and financial strategy for the take-down of the first ‘evil empire’ under President Reagan. Today, we face a far more complex, sophisticated, capable, and formidable foe in the Chinese Communist Party, but they too are largely underwritten by Western funding sources, particularly large asset managers in the U.S. capital markets." noted Roger W. Robinson, Jr., Chairman and Co-Founder of the Prague Security Studies Institute.

The recognition of our Chairman as the leading figure worldwide in the effort to defund the CCP and PLA underscores the vital role played by PSSI in addressing the intricate and formidable challenges posed by authoritarian adversaries in the global high tech competition.

Past recipients of the Tech Freedom Award include Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen, NASA's longest-serving administrator, Dan Goldin, and the founder and CEO of Palentir Technologies, Dr. Alex Karp.

Mr. Robinson also took part in a Tech Freedom Summit panel discussion titled "Global Tech Security - Developing a Strategy for the Free World" moderated by Thuy Vu, Co-Founder and CEO, Global Mentor Network. Other panelists included include Steve Pinkos, Senior Director, Security Policy, Intel Corporation; and Nazak Nikakhtar, Chair, National Security Practice, Wiley Rein LLC and former Under Secretary and Assistant Secretary at U.S. Department of Commerce.