Event: The Czech EU Presidency and the Western Balkans


14 Mar 2022/PSSI

Watch a debate about the Czech EU Presidency, its goals and its approach towards the Western Balkans in light of the recent events in Ukraine.

What will be the Czech Republic’s agenda in regards to the Western Balkans’ enlargement process? What concrete results the Czech EU Presidency wants to achieve? Can the recent events in Ukraine serve as a catalyst for the rejuvenation of the Western Balkans accession process? 

➡️ Petr Čermák, PhD, Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University; Kosovo Research and Analysis Fellow
➡️  Žiga Faktor, Head of Brussels office, Institute for European Policy (EUROPEUM)
➡️ Josef Zrzavecký, Analyst of the Foreign Policy Analysis Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Moderator: Anja Grabovac, Project Manager at PSSI
Project partners: 
Visegrad Insight, Albanian Institute for International Studies (Albania), Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence (Serbia), EUROTHINK – Center for European Strategies (North Macedonia), Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade (Hungary), Prague Security Studies Institute (Czechia), Slovak Foreign Policy Association (Slovakia).
Supported by the International Visegrad Fund and the National Endowment for Democracy.