PSSI's Researchers Contribute to Report on Western Balkans


10 Mar 2022/Barbora Chrzova, Anja Grabovac

PSSI's researchers have contributed to the "The Future Of the Western Balkans: Five Scenarios for 2030" report with one of the scenarios.

For the period up until 2030, the report identifies five possible scenarios that evolve around further integration between the Western Balkans and the EU (Forced Hand), the continuation of the unsatisfactory and potentially explosive status quo (Dark Future), countries’ uniting around global challenges (Banding Together), everlasting EU accession negotiation process (Elusive Europeanisation) and robust economic cooperation between the countries that nearly erases past grievances towards each other (Defragmenting the Western Balkans).

PSSI's Balkans experts Barbora Chrzova and Anja Grabovac narrated the fifth scenario (Banding Together).

The project is supported by the International Visegrad Fund and the National Endowment for Democracy.