PSSI Tribute to Václav Havel


18 Dec 2021/PSSI

The Prague Security Studies Institute is a Havel – Reagan shop. It was inspired by these remarkable individuals – one a globally-respected voice of conscience and the other a world leader who embodied “Peace through Strength". 

They were the great hope for the lifting of the Iron Curtain, but as one strode the world stage, the other languished in a communist prison for daring to speak the truth. 

Václav Havel was the Chairman of PSSI’s International Advisory Board for his last 10 years. His dear friend and close colleague, Olda Černý, was our beloved Executive Director. They charted our mission to build new generations of security policy practitioners dedicated to protecting the country’s and the region's hard-fought freedoms. 

We honor them today – as we do every day. On the cusp of the Institute’s 20th anniversary, we pledge to continue to do our best to make ourselves worthy of their trust and vision.