PSSI Released Frankfurt Report Summary Detailing its Key Findings


13 May 2021/PSSI

“Tens of millions of European retail investors are, for example, unwittingly helping fund Chinese companies enabling genocide and detention camps in Xinjiang as well as enterprises with ties to the People's Liberation Army". Our Frankfurt Report Summary details this and other key findings and recommendations from our recent report on Chinese Bad Actors’ presence on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

PSSI’s Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FSE) report reveals a new threat facing Europe’s national security and fundamental values. Dozens of known Chinese “bad actor” companies’ securities are currently traded on the FSE, Europe’s largest capital market. These bad actor companies, engaged in various malign activities, including egregious human rights and national security abuses, have been attracting funding for these activities, in part, via the Frankfurt exchange.  We believe that this situation merits an immediate and effective response from European fiduciaries, German and EU regulators and politicians with regard to this largely overlooked human rights, national security and investor protection issue area. Our new FSE Report Summary outlines our key findings and recommendations, based on the full report.

You can find both the Report and the Report Summary here.