PSSI Organized an Online Roundtable Debating the Strategic Competition in the Global Space Economy


28 Apr 2021/PSSI

On Thursday, 22 April 2021, PSSI organized an online, closed roundtable entitled “Strategic Competition for International Space Partnerships and Key Principles for a Sustainable Global Space Economy”. 

The roundtable consisted of experts from the space policy community in Europe, the United States and Japan, including current and former government officials, non-governmental experts, and industry representatives.  

The goals of the roundtable were to: review key principles of global space commerce; configure arguments to elevate the priority attached to the competition for international space partnerships; and counter the influence of state-led, non-market economic and financial practices employed by non-democratic space powers -- notably, China and Russia; and review available measures and response options to ensure that our values and principles form the bedrock of a sustainable global space economy. 

During the two panel discussions, participants had an opportunity to answer a number of questions. See the resulting Word Cloud on the attached images. 

Link to the agenda is here.

Link to the list of participants is here


PSSI will be publishing a report on the roundtable deliberations in the coming weeks.