PSSI Executive Director & Board Chairman Spoke at the Baltic Sea Security Conference


20 Dec 2020/Prague Security Studies Institute

Mr. Roger Robinson, Executive Director, Board Chairman at Prague Security Studies Institute, spoke at the Economic Security panel of the Baltic Sea Security Conference, organized by the Baltic Security Foundation.

PSSI's Chairman and Co-Founder, Mr. Roger W. Robinson Jr., talks about the security threats (the economic and financial dimensions) and moral dilemmas posed by a certain Chinese and Russian presence in the Western capital markets. In his speech at the Economic Security panel of the Baltic Sea Security Conference, he stressed the lack of security-minded due diligence, especially when it comes to the listing of Chinese companies, including their subsidiaries, on both American and European capital markets.


For over 40 years, Mr. Robinson has been evaluating the intersection of global economics and finance and national security concerns. He was formerly Senior Director of International Economic Affairs at the National Security Council and Executive Secretary of the Cabinet-level Senior Inter-Governmental Group for International Economic Policy (SIG-IEP) under President Reagan.

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