PSSI Perspective #4 - Fray over Chinese Companies as 5G Suppliers to Germany


6 Nov 2020/Filip Lukáš

This new addition to the PSSI Perspectives goes over the 5G technology supplier selection in Germany. Unlike many other European countries, Germany has not yet decided whether it would allow Chinese companies to build the 5G networks. It is a pressing issue dividing the government coalition that should be resolved this month of November. This Perspective presents the current regulation, key actors and their standing on the issue.

The German government coalition is conflicted on the question of selecting its supplier of 5G technologies. The main question – whether the government will follow several other European countries and remove Chinese companies from the suppliers list – remains unanswered. The new draft of the IT security law is just arriving at the German federal parliament. It will set the parameters for suppliers as well as security standards. This PSSI Perspective (in Czech) summarizes party positions, as well as the institutional and regulatory state of affairs before the German government and Parliament make their final decision on this issue in November 2020.
You can find the new PSSI Perspective entitled "Fray over chinese companies as 5G suppliers to Germany" here.