Release of the Executive Summary of PSSI’s Report on Space Sector Capture research


16 Jun 2019/PSSI

PSSI’s Space Security Program Director, Dr. Jana Robinson, announced the release of the Executive Summary of PSSI’s Report entitled "State Actor Strategies in Attracting Space Sector Partnerships: Chinese and Russian Economic and Financial (E&F) Footprints." 

The document tracks and visually maps, as well as analyses space-related transactions of China and Russia globally over a number of years. It concludes that these two countries have been pro-actively seeking international space partnerships that are, however, often uneven, potentially exposing countries to a phenomenon that PSSI terms ‘space sector capture’.

The Report calls for the inclusion of this space E&F ground dimension into the space domain awareness common operating picture. It argues that this component of hybrid operations should be better understood and countered by enhanced allied and partner space engagements globally, including through bolstering the Western space partnership content.

More information can be found here.