PSSI Introduces "PERSPECTIVES" Series


5 Aug 2020/PSSI

As an educational, research and analytical public policy Institution, PSSI is committed to enriching – and shaping – the Transatlantic security policy debate, especially in more underdeveloped issue portfolios, like the Economic and Financial (E&F) Threat Domain and Space Security, areas in which PSSI enjoys a global leadership position in the NGO community. The Institute also has a long history of tracking several regional security issues.

Accordingly, we have decided to provide periodically one- to two page “PSSI Perspectives” on select security-related topics, including breaking developments affecting Czech and regional security, Chinese and Russian business transactions or projects of strategic and/or security concern, and the attraction of U.S. and European capital and investments by corporate “bad actors” of adversary states. 

The inaugural PSSI Perspective, entitled “China, Pandemic and the Western Balkans – Lessons for the EU?” discusses Chinese efforts to expand its influence and footprint in the Western Balkans, including via COVID-19-related assistance. It addresses Beijing’s jockeying for position vis-à-vis more traditional regional partners, such as Russia and Turkey. It also delineates the challenges facing the allies, including the European Union, concerning the potential fragility of their relations with certain Balkan states, especially given an upcoming economic downturn, and urges formulation of an immediate plan to offer critical support before China, Russia and Turkey move to do so.