Capital Markets Dimensions of Forced Labor Trafficking


2 Mar 2023, 15:30 CET

PSSI hosted a public online discussion titled „Capital Markets Dimensions of Forced Labor Trafficking“, which took place March 2nd, 2023.


This roundtable discussion is dedicated to illuminating some of the glaring shortcomings of the European Commission’s proposal for Effectively banning products produced, extracted or harvested with forced labour as well as its American counterpart legislation, The Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (UFLPA). The panelists will, in part, discuss why Chinese and other companies responsible for producing products made with the use of forced labor must be identified publicly – not just a listing of the products themselves – and their access to European and American stock and bond exchanges terminated. 

Our distinguished speakers included:

  • Roger W. Robinson, Jr.,  Chairman and Co-Founder of the Prague Security Studies Institute

  • Louisa Greve, Director of Global Advocacy for the Uyghur Human Rights Project

  • Samuel Cogolati, Member of the Chamber of Representatives of Belgium

  • Robby Saunders, Vice President of National Security for the Coalition for Prosperous America 

Additional remarks on human rights and EU legislation:

  • Elias Sköld, Project Assistant at the Prague Security Studies Institute
  • Iveta Vancáková, Director of Forum For Human Rights, World Uyghur Congress Policy Coordinator for Visegrad Countries (V4) and Project Coordinator at the Prague Security Studies Institute

For more information on this topic and policy options read PSSI´s short commentary here.


In the context of the online discussion, we would like to bring the concise executive summary of our soon-to-be-released Perspective piece EU Faces a Momentous Choice on the Forced Labor Ban to your attention.