PSSI Space Security Guest Lecture with Dr. Xavier Pasco


13 Dec 2021, 17:00 – 18:30 CET


Dr. Pasco, Director of the Foundation for Strategic Research, delivered an online guest lecture on December 13, 2021. The lecturer provided a perspective on the "European strategic culture", with a view on its foundations as well as its limitations and dilemmas, in the context of space.

Dr. Xavier Pasco has been a Director of the Foundation for Strategic Research since October 2016 and has also been coordinating research on Space, High Technology, and Security. In particular, he is responsible for monitoring US civil and military space affairs and the United States' international strategy in the fields of high-tech space (civil and military). He is also in charge of studies on future national and European programmes in the space sector, both in the civil and defence fields. In this capacity, he is the author of numerous reports on civil and military space activities carried out on behalf of national and European public bodies. Xavier Pasco has been a member of multiple ministerial and inter-ministerial working groups. In addition, he recently served as the rapporteur for the report "A space ambition for Europe" published by the Centre d'analyse stratégique.

Unfortunately the lecture, due to COVID-related limitations, will only be held online.

To see Dr. Pasco's biography click here.


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