Cyber Security Academy 2020


5 Oct 2020 – 9 Oct 2020

American Center, Tržiště 366/13 Prague 1, 118 01

The Third PSSI Cyber ​​Security Academy (CSA) is a one-week course from one of the leading think tanks in Central and Eastern Europe on national, regional and transatlantic security issues. It consists of 15 lectures, workshops and practical training, and is designed for a group of 20-30 university students and young professionals.

The course offers a unique opportunity to meet current and future Czech leaders in this dynamic field.

The CSA will provide an overview of the most important geopolitical, policy, legal, and institutional aspects of cyber security. The basis of the interdisciplinary course will be an analysis of the situation in the Czech Republic, supplemented by the perspectives of select foreign partners and representatives from the government, private and academic sectors. The concept and structure of the course provides participants with a unique view of cyber security not offered elsewhere. 

The main partner of this year’s CSA is the National Office for Cyber ​​and Information Security (NÚKIB) and is supported by the American Embassy in Prague. The last two courses were also supported by the top consulting firms (e.g. KPMG), technology companies (e.g. ERA-BHC) and foreign Embassies (e.g. Estonia, Great Britain, USA, etc.).

In the past years, lecturers from abroad included:

Oren Elimelech, Chief Information Security Officer, Israeli Ministry of Transport

Max Smeets, cyber security expert at ETH Zurich

Keir Giles, security expert at the Chatham House and Director of the Conflict Studies Research Center

This year's CSA will address the following topics:

  • Introduction to cyber security (legal, policy and technical aspects)

  • Cyber ​​security in the Czech Republic

  • Fight against cyberterrorism and cybercrime

  • Critical infrastructure and cyber security

  • The role of the private sector in cyber security

  • Hybrid threats and cyber security

  • Cyber ​​security within the EU/NATO

  • Table-top exercises

Contact us for more  information:

Jan Faltys, Project Manager, Security Scholars Program, PSSI (

Telephone Number: +420 233 355 735