Chinese Corporate “Bad Actors” in the EU’s Capital Markets: Policy Options


24 Jun 2021, 17:00 – 18:15 CET


Given the Biden administration’s expansion of capital market sanctions on June 3, to include investment bans on 59 Chinese enterprises, it is now time to decide where Europe will stand on leveraging the CCP's access to European exchanges to deter or penalize corporate human rights and national security abusers. Europe has yet to come to terms with officially -sanctioned and other Chinese corporate "bad actors" in its respective capital markets, but this will need  to change as the facts emerge publicly. 

The event was broadly structured around PSSI’s recent research findings on the presence of  Chinese corporate “bad actors’'' on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. 
This gathering was designed to stimulate a productive discussion on which issue areas most urgently require a European response (e.g. Uyghur slave labor and genocide in Xinjiang, the funding of PLA contractors etc.) and the extent to which a policy response should include the exclusion of certain Chinese companies from European exchanges and selective investment bans. Roger Robinson, who originated this capital markets policy issue in the U.S., Europe and Japan,  drew from the American experience to help illuminate policy options and remedies. 
The event featured PSSI Chairman and Co-Founder Roger W. Robinson Jr, who originated this new issue area, and drew from the American experience in dealing with the presence of malign Chinese corporate actors in its capital markets. Other distinguished speakers included Jan Lipavský, Member of the Czech Parliament and Committees on Defence and Foreign Affairs, and Martin Hála, Founder and Director of Sinopsis. 

It is our hope that this discussion will help illuminate this policy challenge in Europe, reinforced by PSSI's research findings with respect to the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. 

You can watch the recording of the discussion below.