India's Perspective on Space Security - PSSI Space Security Guest Lecture with Dr. Ajey Lele


On April 26, at 15:00, PSSI will hold its Space Security Guest Lecture with Dr. Ajey Lele, a Senior Fellow at the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses (IDSA), New Delhi. Dr. Lele will discuss India's perspective on space security.

Dr Ajey Lele, is currently working as a Senior Fellow at the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses (IDSA), New Delhi. He started his professional career as an Indian Air Force Officer and took early retirement from the services to peruse his academic interests. His specific areas of research Space Security and Strategic Technologies. He has various publications against his name and his important book publications include Strategic Technologies for the Military (Sage, 2008) and Asian Space Race: Rhetoric or Reality (Springer, 2013). Disruptive Technologies for the Militaries and Security (Springer, 2019).


After India became an independent country in 1947, it has demonstrated remarkable progress in various fields. However, conduct of national security has remained an important challenge for India for decades. Even today, the country faces a lot of challenges with regard to the management of its physical borders. India faces conventional, nuclear and non-conventional threats to its security. Given this backdrop, India cannot afford to drop its guard on building suitable defence capabilities. India realizes that in the present era of asymmetric warfare and ever-changing character of conflicts, it needs to always remain prepared to counter any overt or covert threats posed by its adversaries. 

For India, space systems are vital for ensuring national security, carrying forward foreign policy initiatives and receiving commercial benefits. That said, the core of India’s investments in space has mainly been aimed at advancing socioeconomic development and expanding scientific knowledge. Over the years, India’s space programme has emerged as an important programme in Asia. Space has also become a vital tool for India in advancing its diplomatic outreach to its neigbors and other partners. This lecture will contextualizes the relevance of space technologies for India from socioeconomic and strategic perspectives. It will explore the domestic and regional dimensions of the changing space security dynamic.


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