Disinformation debate: How to stay immune during the infodemic?


20 Nov 2020, 16:00 CET

On November 25th, 2020, PSSI organized an online debate focused on the epidemic of disinformation following the coronavirus pandemic – the so-called infodemics. The participants, Michaela Ďurková (One World at School), Jaroslav Valůch (TOL) and Jonáš Syrovátka (PSSI), together with their host, Vojtěch Boháč (Voxpot) discussed which disinformation spread prominently during the pandemics and what effect they had on Czech society.

While the current pandemic has most prominently impacted our health, the rapid spread of disinformation related to Covid-19 also presents a serious challenge to any government or international agency. In an effort to draw attention to this issue, PSSI hosted a debate on the infodemic in the Czech environment. Experts Michaela Ďurková, project coordinator at One World at School, Jaroslav Valůch, project manager at TOL, and PSSI’s disinformation program manager Jonáš Syrovátka discussed the content of the most prominent disinformation campaigns on the Czech internet, as well as their impact on the Czech society.

The recording of the event is available on PSSI’s Facebook page

The event was supported by the British Embassy in Prague.