Security Scholars Program

The mission of the Prague Security Studies Institute is being substantially advanced by its central initiative, the Security Scholars Program. Prior to the establishment of the PSSI-sponsored Masters Degree program in Security Studies at Charles University, students conducting degree work in the Czech Republic had precious few opportunities to pursue the fields of national security and strategic studies.

To address this dearth of opportunities, PSSI launched its flagship project, the Robinson-Martin Security Scholars Program (RMSSP) in early 2002. New courses, accredited by Charles University, were put into place by the Institute (including a comprehensive, two-semester introductory course held on the premises of PSSI), conferences, workshops (mostly with NATO) and roundtables were convened and field trips to NATO, EU headquarters and elsewhere were organized – all in the interest of building an ever-growing regional cadre of young, visionary professionals across a wide spectrum of security-related subjects.

The Charles University Masters Degree program in Security Studies commenced in the fall semester of 2007 within the Faculty of Social Sciences. The current curriculum of this program provides students with solid theoretical training as well as detailed knowledge concerning a number of the leading international security challenges of our time (e.g. global terrorism, WMD proliferation, international energy security, key regional disputes etc.).

In close cooperation with the Charles University, PSSI established the James Q. Whitaker Chair and Lecture Series in Security Studies, focusing on free market economic and geopolitical issues and solution sets of importance to Central and Eastern Europe as well as the security dimensions of the transatlantic relationship. Scores of highly-qualified University students attend these lectures annually, often leading to the decision to undertake associated course work.

Since 2005, our network of security-minded alumni has been significantly bolstered by the sizable number of young, talented students and scholars participating in our NATO Summer School. The main objective of this project is to offer a sophisticated course of study, including bringing in distinguished outside speakers, for graduate students in political science, international relations and other relevant fields from NATO member and partner states on future challenges facing NATO and other pressing issues on the current global security agenda.