Executive Committee

James Q. Whitaker — Director of Laboratories at the Pathology Institute of Middle Georgia, and Middle Georgia Laboratory, and an M.D. in anatomic, clinical, and forensic pathology, a member of several prestigious medical associations and a major public policy philanthropist. Dr. Whitaker has supported PSSI since its inception and remains a valuable contributor to the Institute’s program development. 

Curtin Winsor, Jr. — Former U.S. Ambassador to Costa Rica, Deputy Director of the Alliance for Free Enterprise, Special Emissary to the Middle East for President-elect Ronald Reagan, Manager for International Affairs of the Washington Office of Chase Manhattan Bank, and former President of the Legislative Studies Institute. Amb. Winsor’s rich professional background and wealth of experience in forming and advising non-governmental, non-profit institutions is highly valued by PSSI. 

Jan Ruml — Signatory to Charter 77, former Minister of the Interior, member of the Czechoslovak Federal Assembly, former Deputy of the Parliament of the Czech Republic, Co-Founder of the Union of Freedom political party, leader of the Union of Freedom, and formerly a Senator of the Czech Parliament serving as a Vice-Chairman of the Senate. Senator Ruml’s leadership and experience are contributing substantially to PSSI’s development and growth. 

Brian Kennedy — President of the Claremont Institute in California, a leading national think tank. His articles on national security aff airs have appeared in National Review, Investor’s Business Daily and numerous other newspapers. 

Alejandro Chafuen — Author, lecturer, and currently President and CEO of the Atlas Economic Research Foundation and a regular contributor to columns at Forbes magazine. Dr. Chafuen’s extensive experience with the creation, development, and support of international non-profit organizations dedicated to promoting and protecting economic and political freedom is widely recognized in the U.S. and abroad.

C. Richard D’Amato — Former Chairman of the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission of the Congress. He is a former delegate to the General Assembly of the State of Maryland and a retired captain in the United States Navy Reserve. He also served on the Congressional Trade Deficit Review Commission. As a senior foreign policy and defense advisor to the previous Democratic Senate leader, Senator Robert C. Byrd, Mr. D’Amato drafted the resolution that set Senate standards for the global climate change treaty negotiations.

Jonna Bianco — President of the American Bondholders Foundation LLC, former member of Board of Directors at National Defence University Foundation and former member of Board of Regents for the Center for Security Policy in Washington DC.