Club of Prague

We believe that creating an Asian-European-American forum and enhancing dialogue and cooperation among the regions’ leading energy experts is an important first step towards our goals. 


The Club of Prague is an innovative networking project that combines different approaches to integrating energy with our economy, environment and values. Members are dedicated to empowering individuals and communities by thinking about developing and deploying advanced technology for energy production and use. New advanced technology could ensure global economic prosperity, international security and a healthy global environment.

Scope of work

The key issues we are focusing on are as follows: (1) Energy scenario development (2) New ways of thinking about energy from the perspective of the rich cultural base of our members (3) Technology Matrix: constructing a technology matrix to identify promising advances in research and development of key energy resources (4) Meeting transportation needs through alternative fuels and systems for transportation (5) Zen work program -- identifying universities and projects to model Zero Energy Neighborhoods. (6) Strategies for investing in the energy future.