Disinformation and Strategic Communication Projects

In the past several years we have witnessed the significant increase of disinformation in the information space. The situation of information disorder was weaponized not only by hostile state actors – Russia in particular – but also domestic anti-democratic forces emerging all over Europe. Western democracies were often caught surprised by this situation and they are still looking for effective solutions. Their ability to tackle the challenge related to disinformation will be crucial for maintaining the trust of citizens and so to preserve the freedom and liberal order in the Western countries.

Since 2015 PSSI represents one of the pioneering organizations in the field of analyzing disinformation, raising public awareness about this issue and to suggest the policy response to this threat. Within the past years PSSI conducted several projects – often in cooperation with partners from other CEE countries – dedicated to these issues. Currently PSSI’s researchers focus mainly on the influence of disinformation during the election campaigns and the area of strategic communication. In addition, PSSI seeks to facilitate networking and strengthen cooperation and the exchange of best practices between expert communities, academics, policy makers and journalists within Czech Republic as well as on the international scene.

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