[CANCELLED] The Future of Europe’s Space Industry and the Czech Satellite Constellation - PSSI Space Security Guest Lecture with Mr. Vladimír Petera


19 Apr 2021, 17:00 CET

We regret to announce that the PSSI Space Security Guest Lecture with Mr. Petera that was scheduled to be held on Monday, April 19, 2021 at 5 pm CET had to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. Thank you for your understanding and we will keep you posted concerning the rescheduling of this event.

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On April 19, at 17:00, PSSI will hold an online Space Security Guest Lecture, this time with Vladimír Petera, a Space Division Director at the Czech Aerospace Research Centre in Prague, Czech Republic. Mr. Petera will discuss the future of Europe’s space industry and the Czech satellite constellation.

Mr. Petera previously worked as the Deputy Executive Director of the National Cyber and Information Security Agency. He also represented the National Security Authority of the Czech Republic while working as the Galileo PRS Authority. Mr. Petera also served as a Cyber Attaché at the Czech Embassy in Tel Aviv, Israel and spend three years at the European External Action Service in Brussels as a Military Advisor. He holds an MA Degree in Geography from the Military Technical University in Brno. Mr. Petera also obtained a Geospatial & GNSS certificate at the Defense Mapping School.

NATO foreign ministers have, for the first time, formally declared space an “operational domain” during at a meeting in Brussels on November 20, 2019. In the European Union, it would take, in the past, at least 5 years to take such a decision. At present, however, in the new structure of the European Commission, we even have a Defense Industry and Space Directorate despite the fact that, for example, it has been politically unacceptable to associate the European Global Navigation Satellite System Galileo with defence and it has been promoted as a civilian system under civilian control for civilian use. Much has changed recently and the EU Member States should not ignore the changed geopolitics and related security challenges, including activities of China and Russia in the space domain. Space security must be a pillar not only for national security of individual Member States, but also the whole Europe.


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