Tereza Barbora Kupková - Project Coordinator

Tereza joined PSSI in June 2018 and has worked on projects concerning Russian influence activities in the Czech Republic as well as projects within the Institute’s Space Security Program. She has additionally provided independent analyses to a member of the Czech Senate Committee for Foreign Affairs, Defence, and Security and her research interests revolve around the strategic importance of NATO and its intra-Alliance dynamic, forms of hybrid warfare and innovative defence mechanisms, as well as the discourse surrounding contemporary controversies within jus ad bellum and jus in bello. Tereza holds an MSc in Security Studies with Distinction from University College London and a First-Class MA (Social Sciences) in Politics / Central and Eastern European Studies from the University of Glasgow. She also spent a semester at Université de Genève in Switzerland and is a co-founder of the academic non-profit Yoda Mentorship Programme.